William F. Lieske Sr., W7GLT, 1923-2007

Founder of EMR Corporation

William F. Lieske Sr., W7GLT.

William F. Lieske Sr. passed away on Jan. 9, 2007. He was born in Buhl, Minnesota, on June 15, 1923.

Bill received the Fred M. Link Award from the Radio Club of America in 2005 “for substantial contributions to the advancement and development of land mobile radio communications.”

Bill earned his amateur radio license, W7GLT, when he was 13. He served in the Army Air Corps in World War II and finished his military service as a radar instructor.

He met and married his wife of 61 years, Lorene A. Bevan, while stationed with the Army in Florida. Bill and Lorene moved to Oregon after the war, and he went to work for the State of Oregon Highway Department radio communications division. His ability and talent brought him to be the head of the department, and he supervised the construction of one of the first modern public safety radio systems.

Bill left the State of Oregon to work for Motorola in local and government sales. His success led to a transfer to California to continue in executive sales, specializing in public safety telecom systems. His work for Motorola eventually brought him to Arizona.

In the late ’70s, he left Motorola to work a few years as a radio industry sales rep and as a real estate agent/broker. He then went to work for RJ Communications, a small RF filter manufacturer in Phoenix, AZ. In 1980 he founded his own company, EMR Corporation, a radio filter manufacturer now doing business in N. Phoenix, AZ.

Bill was a scientist. He was known for innovative designs and a practical approach to land mobile radio communications system design, maintenance and operation. His work has helped improve communications in commercial radio, FM and TV broadcast, and public service and public safety telecom systems.

Bill is remembered for his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise. He was a natural teacher, and he contributed many seminal technical works to explain his work and to educate any others with an interest and a need.

He was a musician and played professionally off and on throughout his life. He played guitar, bass and piano. He was a jazz musician, self-taught, with a unique musical style.

He is survived by his wife, Lorene, his son William Jr. and wife Robin, grandson Noah S. and wife Alison, grandsons Eamonn B. and Lee T., and his great-grandson Sebastian William Frazier Lieske. A celebration of Bill’s life will be held in Glendale, Arizona on Jan. 27, 2007. Please call EMR Corporation on 623-581-2875 for time and location.

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