President Casciano names new committee chairmen

Craig Jorgensen and Elaine Baugh Walsh become committee chairmen; Meade Sutterfield exits..

The chairmanships of RCA’s 20-odd committees remained mostly unchanged for 2007 as Phil Casciano began his term as president. The Club’s by-laws are not entirely clear on the subject of committees; thus, following a current tradition, the president has named the chairmen, and the chairmen have selected the committee members.

Phil was the chairman of the Membership Committee before becoming president, and he selected Craig Jorgensen as the committee’s chairman for 2007 to take his place. Last year, C. Meade Sutterfield was chairman of the Finance Committee. He retired from the board of directors (BoD) at the end of 2006 and gave up his committee role. Elaine Baugh Walsh has taken his place. Craig and Elaine are members of the BoD.

Executive Committee

The Club’s Executive Committee (EC) approves the general direction of the Club’s operations including those of the treasurer and secretary in between the biannual meetings of the board of directors. The EC exerts substantial influence over Club affairs because many of the motions it passes are ratified by the BoD when it meets. The EC cannot appropriate funds on its own.

Under the Club’s by-laws, all Club officers are EC members, plus no more than five BoD members and other Club members the BoD appoints. Here again, Club presidents have adhered more to a tradition than the letter of the by-laws and have named EC members without waiting for the BoD to meet to appoint them.

Aside from the rotation of officers, seats on the EC have been filled by the same individuals for 10 years or so. Tony Sabino, who was an EC member before becoming an officer in 2001, would have left the EC at the end of 2006 when his term as president expired, but Phil named him to continue as a member of the EC in 2007.

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