FCC names Julius Knapp chief of Office of Engineering and Technology

Many conferences invite Julius Knapp to speaks in his role as an FCC official.  Julius Knapp

RCA Fellow Julius P. Knapp has been named chief of the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology. The appointment was made in late October 2006, apparently without public announcement. I couldn’t find one, anyway. Julie had been serving as acting chief for quite a while — I’m not sure how long. He became deputy chief in May 2001.

Knapp joined RCA in 1989 and became a Fellow in 1994.

Knapp previously served as the chief of the federal agency’s Policy and Rules Division where he was responsible for FCC frequency allocation proceedings and for proceedings amending the FCC rules for radio-frequency devices. He was chief of the FCC Laboratory from 1994-1997 where he was responsible for the FCC’s equipment authorization program. He served as chief of the Policy and Rules Division from 1997-2001 where he was responsible for developing the FCC’s policies and rules for Mutual Recognition Agreements and Telecommunications Certification Bodies.

Knapp received the Eugene C. Bowler Award in 2001. The award, which was given annually for 10 years or so by the PCIA Foundation until that organization disbanded, recognized outstanding government employees. Knapp also has received the FCC’s Gold and Silver Medals for outstanding service and commitment to the FCC.

Knapp lives with his wife and family in Endicott City, Maryland.

My thanks to Michael Marcus for this information.


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