Elephant in the Room — or, RCA’s 2006 election

Elephant in the Room -- or, RCA's 2006 election.

If you’re among those who received a message from Arch Doty, maybe this item will be of interest. Because Arch mentioned me in his message, some RCA members seem to have concluded that Arch and I walk in lockstep. We don’t. We agree about some things, but I do not always draw the same conclusions that he does, and vice versa.

If I believed that the Club leaders in charge of the election were dishonest and had dishonorable intentions, I wouldnÂ’t be willing to run for office because then it would mean, if elected, I would be serving with them. I said that to several people, including Arch, in discussions last year when I gave thought to running for office.

I receive enough positive feedback on the effort I expend in RCA-related activity that maybe it lets me believe too much that the effort benefits the Club. Maybe it lets me believe too much that my agenda is transparent: gather and disseminate information; showcase the scholarship program; increase membership in segments that are somewhat overlooked; identify previously unrecognized individuals to receive Club awards; recruit new volunteers; and recruit new leaders.

Although it’s important to me to see the Club operate in a fashion that would give anyone pride to be a member, it also pains me when a few give less attention than perhaps they should to the Club’s transparency in several matters, including its election process. There isn’t much I can do about that. I focus my effort where I can do something. I encourage those in leadership positions who can affect those other matters to do so.

Meanwhile, I draw the conclusion from Arch’s message that he believes his concerns have not been addressed, leading him to continue to seek attention for them. Arch stated that his material consists of facts supported by data he is willing to send upon request. “No opinions are expressed or implied by this presentation,” he wrote.

Several individuals have been kind enough to telephone me to advise me that the situation makes it look as though I have sour grapes about the election, even though they know I don’t. Nevertheless, they told me it looks that way. To that, I say look at the level of activity I sustained before the election and afterward. It is unchanged. I continue to support RCA and engage in taking steps to advance the agenda I set for my RCA-related efforts with just as much enthusiasm as before, if not more.

I have in the works several nominations for members to receive awards this year. I anticipate adding to the members’ choices for Club leaders in the fall. I’m promoting the scholarship program. I continue to send information about Club events and individual members. No sour grapes.

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