RCA names 13 Club members as new Fellows in ‘class of 2007’

The first six in alphabetical order

Bill Baker, W1BKR; Fred Baumgartner; KG0KI; Sandra Black; and Russell Fox, esq..

At the Nov. 16, 2007 banquet, the Radio Club of America will elevate the status of 13 individuals to the membership status of Fellow. Here are some details about six of them. Congratulations to the new Fellows, class of 2007.

Charles Flynn as Jack Armstrong, the Charles Flynn as Jack Armstrong, the
John A. “Jack” Armstrong Jr. of Phoenix, Maryland. Jack had been a radio technician in the Army, but it was the prospect of an unwanted job transfer that led him into sales work involving radio communications. “I was a salesman for American Bank Stationery, selling to banks, and they wanted to transfer me. They gave me two choices, and I didn’t like either of them,” he said. “Tessco was looking for a sales manager. Bob Barnhill was a tremendous help in bringing me up to speed. Barney, his son, was running things, and Bob Sr. taught me everything about test equipment at the time. He was very thorough.” After working at Tessco, Jack left to start a manufacturers representative firm, All American Associates, in 1983. He sold the business to his employees in 1998. I always wondered whether Jack named his company after a radio adventure series titled “Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy.” But you know what? When I had him on the phone, I forgot to ask.


Bill Baker at Channel 13. Bill Baker as lighthouse keeper.
Bill Baker at Channel 13 and as lighthouse keeper.

William F. Baker, Ph.D., W1BKR, of Riverside, Connecticut. Bill is the chief executive officer of Educational Broadcasting Corporation, licensee of WNET channel 13 and WLIW channel 21, New York. He received RCA’s Sarnoff Citation in 2002. He was the banquet keynote speaker in 2003. He joined RCA in 2004. Was it all the attention? Bill is recognized as one of America’s most prolific fundraisers, having raised more than $1 billion in his career, a description on his WNET web page reads.

“As president of Thirteen, he helped stabilize the finances of the station by building the largest endowment in public television history and led the station’s move to its state-of-the-art digital production and broadcast facility on West 33rd Street in Manhattan in 1998. He also oversaw the station’s transition to digital transmission in 2001 and the launch of two 24-hour digital channels, ThirteenHD and Kids Thirteen, in 2002, and four more digital services (Create, World, Thirteen On Demand and Thirteen Kids On Demand) in 2004. In addition, he oversaw Thirteen’s historic merger with its sister station WLIW, which was completed in 2003,” the web page said.

Henry Island lghthouse. Book:
Henry Island and Bill’s book about the lighthouse.

In 2004, Bill published a book, “Lighthouse Island: Our Family Escape.” Describing Bill as an accomplished photographer, the publisher said Bill’s book is “a personal tribute to the lighthouse and the changing moods of the pristine island it stands upon.” Bill owns Henry Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. He operates his amateur radio station there at times during the summer.


Fred Baumgartner, KG0KI
Frederick M. Baumgartner, KG0KI, of Elizabeth, Colorado. Fred is the director of broadcast engineering for Qualcomm MediaFLO. He also is a fellow in the Society of Broadcast Engineers. Fred joined RCA in 1993 and became a senior member in 2004. Fred is constructing a 75-foot self-supporting tower on his 35-acre property in Colorado where he is building an amateur radio station capable of remote control and VoIP … because … Fred spends much of his time in San Diego. A state-of-the-art guy, Fred is.

Sandra L. Black
Sandra L. Black of Terre Haute, Indiana. Sandra is president of EMR Consulting, which assists clients in meeting challenges from FCC licensing, system design, frequency selection and vendor relationships. Sandra also is chairman of RCA’s Marketing Committee. She joined the Club in 1999.

Russell Fox, esq.
Russell H. Fox, esq., of Washington, D.C., is a member of the DC law firm of Mintz Levin. He practices in the firm’s Communications Section, putting his 25 years in the wireless telecommunications industry to work. I met Russ when he started a trade association for two-way radio. He told me that he still does some legal work involving two-way radio. “I also work with clients involved in WiMAX. I do some work for TerreStar, a mobile satellite company, and for Clearwire in the 2.5 GHz band. We do work for ILECS that want to complement their wireline business with wireless,” he said. Russ joined RCA in 1997.

James W. Harris of Parker, Colorado. “I started in the land mobile business as a manufacturers rep for E.F. Johnson Company,” Jim told me. “I worked as a rep, and then they hired me direct to run the Denver operation. That was my foray into land mobile starting in 1976. From there I joined Stan in 1982 and have been working with him as a partner ever since, 25 or 26 years as Aurora Marketing.” Jim’s partner is Stan Reubenstein, WA6RNU, RCA’s executive vice president.

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