RCA names 13 members as new Fellows in ‘class of 2007’

The remaining seven in alphabetical order

James W. Hart, P.E., W0NFD; George W. Hoeltje, P.E., K9GWH; Morgan E. O'Brien; Donald W. Pfohl, W7LPA; William F. Roselle Jr., W7SFE; Elizabeth R. Sachs, esq.; and Joseph J. Schroeder Jr., W9JUV..

At the Nov. 16, 2007 banquet, the Radio Club of America will elevate the status of 13 individuals to the membership status of Fellow. Here are some details about seven of them. Congratulations to the new Fellows, class of 2007.

Jim Hart’s 1947 and 2007 amateur radio stations.

James W. Hart, P.E., W0NFD, of Littleton, Colorado. Jim is in his 36th year as a consulting engineer since opening his own shop, Hartech Inc., in 1971. He converted the business to a proprietorship in 2005. A graduate of MIT with a BSEE and the University of Chicago with an MBA, Jim worked in design, production, sales, management and executive capacities from 1951 to 1971 with Motorola, Dynascan Corporation, Andrew Corporation and Microwave Systems Company. A senior member of IEEE, Jim is a past chairman of the IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society’s Denver chapter. He has two patents for antenna design, and he is the co-author of “Understanding Wireless Communications in Public Safety, A Guidebook to Technology, Issues, Planning, and Management,” published in 2000 with a revised second edition in 2003. You can download the guidebook for free, but be advised: It’s a 164-page PDF that takes time on a low-speed Internet connection.

Jim and another RCA member who is also becoming a Fellow this year, Joe Schroeder, W9JUV, have a great connection. “We went to New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois in the late 1940s, and a wonderful teacher taught us Morse code and principles of radio so we could get our amateur radio licenses along with quite a few others,” Jim said. “Joe beat me for a license by about a year but both of us have enjoyed ham radio since that time. Both of us have been involved in the commercial radio field since college. We feel privileged to be honored by RCA this year. We have had schedules on 20 meters for many years. As a matter of fact there are two more New Trier hams who join us from time to time: Bill Butler, W9GQI; and Rob Wilson, VE7ZZK. We’ve had wonderful QSOs over the years. Bill, although retired from Raytheon, still works on radar design and Rob is a well known HF antenna engineer having built many arrays and published books as well as articles in QST.”

Jim was my first visitor in 1983 when I began work as an editor of a land mobile radio magazine; he resides about 10 blocks from where the publishing office was then.

George W. Hoeltje, P.E., K9GWH Hoeltje

George W. Hoeltje, P.E., K9GWH, of Schaumburg, Illinois, is an assistant professor of electronics engineering technology and chairman of the Electronics Engineering Technology Department in the Technology, Mathematics & Science Division at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. “My primary interest regarding amateur radio is chasing DX. … Communicating with foreign stations in exotic geographic places is absolutely fascinating. For me, DXing incorporates many key technical, operational and competitive elements together in order to realize satisfactory results,” George said on his QRZ.com web page. George joined RCA in 1999 and became a senior member in 2004.

George’s son, Shaun, K9SRH, has a license, but George said Shaun is more interested in aviation. George said he won’t be at the banquet, because at about the same time, his son is getting married and is graduating from fighter pilot training. George said his seven years of teaching at Harper College has been an opportunity to get young people fired up about science and engineering. He is a big believer in student internships, mixing industry with teaching. George also is the trustee for the college’s student amateur radio station, W9HCR.

Morgan O'Brien Morgan O’Brien

Morgan E. O’Brien of McLean, Virginia, is chairman of Cyren Call. He is a co-founder and former chairman and vice chairman of Nextel Communications. He was the keynote speaker at the banquet in 1999, the year he joined the Club. His speech to the PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Conference in 2005 was the subject of my first email, Oct. 28, 2005, beginning this series of personal correspondence about matters related to RCA. It was in that speech that Morgan raised the idea of a public-private partnership to use 700 MHz spectrum for a nationwide public safety wireless communications system.

Donald W. Pfohl, W7LPA Pfohl

Donald W. Pfohl, W7LPA, of Salem, Oregon, is the director of the Oregon State Police Communications Bureau. For many years prior to moving to Oregon, Don was the communications director for the city of Mesa, Arizona. He joined RCA in 1994.

William F. Roselle, W7SFE Roselle

William F. Roselle Jr., W7SFE, of Lincoln, California, is semi-retired. He worked for Motorola for 30 years and has a collection of old radios, dial telephones and pagers. Bill has brought items from his collection and has given talks about them at RCA’s Technical Symposium in New York and banquet in Long Beach, California. During his time with Motorola, Bill helped the company make inroads with citywide paging; he was involved in the IMTS program; and he sold the first two digital terminals made by Motorola. Those types of terminals were used in the first series of cellular terminals. Bill joined RCA in 1976 and became a senior member in 2005.

Elizabeth R. Sachs, esq. Sachs

Elizabeth R. Sachs, esq., of McLean, Virginia, practices law with the firm of Lukas, Nace, Gutierrez & Sachs in Washington, D.C. She is the regulatory counsel for the Enterprise Wireless Alliance. Prior to entering private practice, she was an attorney in Motorola’s Government Relations Office in Washington. Liz was the speaker at RCA’s breakfast meeting on May 18, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She joined RCA in 2002.

Joseph J. Schroeder Jr., W9JUV Schroeder

Joseph J. Schroeder Jr., W9JUV, of Glenview, Illinois. Joe is the founding editor of HR Report, he was on the editorial staff of Ham Radio magazine, and he was managing editor of Electronic Instrument Digest magazine. Joe is a former Motorola engineer and manufacturers representative. He has been listed on ARRL’s DXCC Honor Roll since the 1970s, and he is a member of the PJ2T contesting group. Reflecting another area of interest, Joe has written and edited many books on firearms history and gun collecting.

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