RCA members choose officers, directors for 2008

Six new directors join board; two incumbents reelected

New RCA directors..

Five candidates nominated by petitions submitted by members were elected to RCA’s board of directors in election results announced on Nov. 16, 2007. A sixth new director was elected by the board to fill a vacancy that will occur when an incumbent will leave the board of directors to become the Club secretary at the beginning of the new year. A vote of the members elected Jack Belrose, Ph.D.; VE2CV; Carole Perry Parker, WB2MGP; Bob Walsh, esq., WA8MOA; Ron Jakubowski, K2RJ; and myself to two-year terms. The board elected Andy Singer, WK2F, to serve a one-year term, replacing incumbent director Ray Minichiello, P.E., W1BC, who was elected as secretary.

In a statement prepared before the election, Jack said that among other things, he wants to be active in the technical side of the Club, including recruiting technically oriented new members and inviting authors to submit technical papers for publication in the Proceedings and for presentation at the annual Technical Symposium.

Carole said she envisions “creating a network of volunteers composed of some of our talented and creative members who would visit schools and youth groups to expose young adults to the challenges and fun of wireless technology.” She added, “One of my goals for RCA would be for the Club to actively support and interact with young people; who are indeed the future hope of this Club, and this country as well.”

Bob said that he supports the ongoing efforts of the Club to preserve the history of radio and television and the honor the men and women who have made it. “Our highly regarded publications are a valuable resource to historians and must be maintained,” he said. Bob added that he hopes to assist with the current efforts to RCA’s presence at conventions and trade shows, both as a vehicle for recruiting new members and for increased contact with the current membership.

Ron wants to facilitate more club activities open to those who can’t afford traveling to New York City for a weekend or who don’t attend major trade shows. “I would like to investigate conducting joint ventures with organizations such as the Antique Wireless Association and the Society of Broadcast Engineers,” he said. “I would like to make sure we keep on getting top speakers for our annual banquet and make sure they are available to mingle with the members present like they used to. I would also like to make sure we are receiving value for the services we are paying for.”

New officers elected; two incumbent board members reelected

New RCA officers.

David Weisman, esq., who was the Club’s vice president/co-counsel for many years, was elected as vice-president/counsel, replacing Joseph Rosenbloom, esq., who retired from the position. Robert H. Schwaninger Jr., esq., was elected to take David’s place as vice-president/co-counsel. Roger Madden was elected as treasurer, replacing Eric D. Stoll, Ph.D., P.E., K2TO, who retired from the position. Ray Minichiello, P.E., W1BC, was elected as secretary, replacing Gilbert Houck, W3BXO, who retired from the position. Incumbent directors Vivian Carr and Craig Jorgensen were reelected.

Ray said he intends to prepare a membership development plan to expand and elevate the technical component of the Club. “The plan will be implemented by
greater exposure of the Radio Club to technical societies; invitation to membership in journals; … booth space at technical functions; earnestly solicit authors of technical papers for publication in the Proceedings; and extend invitations to first-announcement papers for presentation at the annual Technical Symposium,” he said. Ray also expressed an interest in reassessing the qualifications for Club membership and in having election ballots counted by a member of a CPA firm, a step that was taken for the 1968 election and perhaps not since then.

Roger, a former treasurer for the IEEE Vehicular Technology Group and Vehicular Technology Society, said, “I have wondered for some time how I might contribute more to the Radio Club of America. When I attended APCO 2007 and volunteered to work in the Radio Club booth, I learned that the position of club treasurer might be available, the current treasurer choosing not to continue in the position.”

Vivian said she believed she could “continue to serve and provide direction to the board” because of her job experience in engineering and her exposure and leadership roles in other tax-exempt organizations.

Craig said that although he believes the Club has made significant headway, “we still have a long journey ahead of us. Our travels will require us to modify or break some of our current traditions and adopt new ones, pitting our desire to maintain the Club’s deep historical roots against our vision of the future.” He said that the mission of Club members is to make sure that the benefits of an education provided to many current and past members are available to the next generation of members. “To achieve that objective, we need to expand both our membership base and our scholarship contributions and endowments. We must never lose sight of the fact that our core objective is to help worthy students become tomorrow’s leaders in science, engineering, and other curriculum pursuits that will benefit all,” he said.

Tony Sabino, the chairman of the Nominations and Elections Committee, along with committee members Jerry Agliata, W2GLA; and Norm Coltri, WA2UUP, served as tellers for the election. Tony announced the results of the voting.

Thanks all around

I would like to extend a thank-you to the additional first-time candidates who were not elected, Tim Duffy, K3LR; Sam Klein, W2INC; Bob Buus, W2OD; and Margaret Lyons. I hope they will be welcomed by the Club’s current group of volunteers and encouraged to take part in Club leadership functions. In fact, Margaret already is serving on a committee.

Three incumbent director candidates who were not reelected also deserve thanks for serving and being willing to continue: Rich Biby, P.E., N3UW; Rich Reichler; and Debra Wayne. Rich Biby has been sponsoring the Club’s email newsletter. Rich Reichler only recently gave up chairmanship of the Marketing Committee, and he is the chairman of the Sections/Industry Conferences Committee and is the coordinator and moderator of the annual Technical Symposium. He also gives me a great deal of help in my efforts involving the Club. Debra is a terrific volunteer who chairs two committees and edits the Proceedings and the email newsletter.

Thanks also go to five volunteer leaders who decided to retire as officers and board members this year: Eric D. Stoll, Ph.D., P.E., K2TO, treasurer; Gilbert Houck, W3BXO, secretary; Joseph Rosenbloom, esq., vice-president/counsel; and two directors: Bob Gunther and Jay Kitchen.

Eric served as treasurer for 20 years, not quite a record, as Joe Stantley was treasurer for 40 years. But Eric’s tenure saw the responsibility become much more complex as the Club’s assets and activities multiplied. The 20 years probably seemed like 40. The board passed a motion to name Eric as “treasurer emeritus.”

Gil was secretary for 13 years, perhaps a record, if not exceeded by that of Frank Shepard, who served a lengthy tenure as secretary in the 1970s and perhaps into the 1980s; my RCA information isn’t detailed enough to tell me. The board passed a motion to name Gil as “secretary emeritus.”

Joe, who celebrated his 90th birthday on September 1, served as vice-president/counsel for 30 years. And that is a record. In fact, so far as I can tell, Joe is the only one to have served in exactly that position, which was created in 1978. In 1909, Fred Seymour, esq., the father of one of the founding members, was elected as counsel to the Club. He was a patent attorney.

My thanks to you for voting in the election — you did vote, didn’t you? — and I am delighted to see that the vote of the members added a number of RF-oriented individuals to the Club leadership, which was an objective of the petitions circulated to nominate candidates.

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